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100% Jacob wool - "Yumi" - Bulky 3 ply

100% Jacob wool - "Yumi" - Bulky 3 ply

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Yumi is one of our own sheep. She is a Jacob sheep that I acquired from the historic O'Keefe Ranch here in Vernon last summer. She's a sweet little ewe with 2 horns. Jacob sheep are polycerate, meaning they can have multiple horns.

Her wool is two colours - white and grey (which fades to brown in the sun). Mixed together, the resulting yarn is a dark, heathered charcoal colour.  Yumi doesn't quite meet the breed standard of 60% of the fleece white with 40% coloured spots, but she has the cutest dot on her nose! Yumi was named by my sister, who loves a good pun ('ewe-me'). 

The yarn is springy and lofty, with little bits of kemp throughout. This bulky yarn would be great for rustic mittens or a toque.

Jacobs are not large sheep, and there are limited quantities of this yarn available. 

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