About the Mill

Our wool mill is comprised of equipment manufactured by Belfast Mini Mills Ltd., a Canadian company and currently the only North American manufacturer of cottage-industry sized machines.

Our machines were previously used at a retiring mill in Tennessee, USA, and were shipped to BC by Belfast early in 2023.

We have the following in equipment:

  • Tumbler
  • Washer
  • Large fibre separator
  • Picker
  • Carder
  • Draw frame
  • Lace-weight spinner
  • Plyer
  • Steamer and cone winder
  • Skein winder

We also have a felting table that we purchased new, specifically to experiment with medium and coarse wool, and the mill waste that doesn't make it into rovings or yarn.


The mill is located on our 5 acre property in the Kedleston area of Vernon, BC. We have a small flock of shetland sheep, and a flock of layer hens. 

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